About Dave

Dave is a 34 year resident of Bloomington, although he has had family here since the early 1950’s.  He has been in public service for 24 years, having served on more than a dozen boards, task forces, and commissions.  Dave worked as a research scientist at Indiana University in micro-molecular biology in a variety of laboratories. One project that Dave participated on was the creation of a photosynthetic fuel cell that would reduce our dependency on fossil fuels by converting solar energy to hydrogen.

Dave and Heather
Dave has been married for 16 years to Heather Reynolds, a plant community ecologist and professor at Indiana University. Together they share a love of nature, and hope to help in the transition to a sustainable world.

In 2011, Dave left science to pursue a career in organic farming, and growing native plants for sale at a local nursery.   This change in career was inspired by his need to be directly involved in sustainable practices of local food production and restoration efforts to address the biodiversity crisis.  As part of this goal, Dave has begun creating prairie for wildlife at the farm he shares with friends.

Dave has been an active Democratic Party member for the Monroe County Democrats for nearly 30 years.  He has worked on a number of local and regional campaigns including Congressional campaigns for Frank McCloskey, Baron Hill and Jim Jontz.  He supported many local Democrats running for city and county offices.

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